College classes

March 28, 2007

Well today I had a good morning and called Corning Community College. I am excited about that because I am looking forward to going there and getting a few degrees in creative writing.

Today I found out that I can do fiction/drama classes in 2 months…

But the poetry writing I have to wait until next summer to join that class but I can wait… I mean it’s not that long of a wait… that’s the main class that I wanted to go for…

So I got to make a few phone calls 2morrow and get that all set up so I can go on and get going to college like my plans were..

Then I had also found another college that I can do seminary at…

I am going to be attending Davis College for that. But I am going to wait until I get my other degrees first…

God has opened a path for me to go on and I am going to seek it…

I am blessed by this opportunity that I am able to go to college and go forth on….


The Best

November 22, 2006

You make me feel good about myself

You make me sad sometimes, but you always was there for me when I was upset

You make me laugh when your around me

You make me enjoy my life just how you are, how you treat me with all the kindness, and respect you have for me, how you treat other people your the best that I could ever be around when I hurted you were always there to help me to do the right thing, making me feel better as you always do, it goes away as soon as you touched my hurtings, and my feelings you always cured them

You always was there for anything I needed, even to enjoy spending time with you and enjoying life together


I love you

November 22, 2006

I love you when:

I love you when your down

I love you when your hurting even when your so mad at me

I love you when you comfort me the most, but even your smile brings a new person in you

I love you the most when your next to me, when we spend time and enjoy our lives together

I love you when we joke around or even tell jokes, when you scare me by doing stupid things, you have been there all my life

But remember your the best and always remember:


Angels Flow

November 22, 2006

Angels flow from heavens hand

Angels come down before us

Angels comes and touches our hearts

Angels comes and speak with us

Angels brings us glory, and happiness in our lives

Angels helps us in many ways that we just can’t realize

Angels are very special to many

Angels come and bow down before God, and praises Jesus for what he has done in our lives for us

Angels come and go as they have messages for us

Angels are brilliant and are very heart warming to many

Angels sparkle as they flow from heavens hand with great memories of the creator

Angels flow from place to place with astonishing news for many