College classes

Well today I had a good morning and called Corning Community College. I am excited about that because I am looking forward to going there and getting a few degrees in creative writing.

Today I found out that I can do fiction/drama classes in 2 months…

But the poetry writing I have to wait until next summer to join that class but I can wait… I mean it’s not that long of a wait… that’s the main class that I wanted to go for…

So I got to make a few phone calls 2morrow and get that all set up so I can go on and get going to college like my plans were..

Then I had also found another college that I can do seminary at…

I am going to be attending Davis College for that. But I am going to wait until I get my other degrees first…

God has opened a path for me to go on and I am going to seek it…

I am blessed by this opportunity that I am able to go to college and go forth on….


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